Outdoor Psychotherapy

What is Outdoor Psychotherapy?

Outdoor Psychotherapy involves having our sessions outside of the therapy room in nature.  At Westfield Farm, there are about 250 acres of private land.  Although it does include public footpaths, there are enough quiet spaces where we will not be disturbed and only overheard by sheep, birds or horses.

Welcome to The Rustic Therapy Room

With our therapeutic intentions in mind, we can walk & talk or just sit down outside in the rustic therapy room and become immersed in nature, wildlife and the elements.

Working with your feelings in nature

Sometimes it is easier to be more of yourself when you are connected to the elements.  In the open space, it can somehow feel easier to reach those buried emotions and feel safe enough to examine them.

"Bringing nature into therapy can help us reconnect to ourselves and our deeper wisdom."

Bringing nature into therapy can help us reconnect to ourselves and our deeper wisdom. It can help to see our situation from a different angle; find answers from within ourselves and also see the bigger picture and how we are interconnected with life.

Nature can be beautiful, awe-inspiring, fill us with a sense of calm or creative energy yet still provoke uncertainty and fear.  It emulates the vicissitudes of our lives; our life cycles.  If we can appreciate its rhythms we can connect to our own natural rhythm in life and find our true path.