Online Psychotherapy

Online working is great alternative to room-based therapy espescially in the current climate where we are being advised to stay at home due to avoiding the rapid spread of Covid-19.  

Online therapy is also beneficial for people who have difficulty travelling to therapy due to work commitments, child care, agoraphobia or the distance from the therapist.

Planning my home environment for online therapy

Find a nice, quite space where you feel safe and won’t be disturbed.

Have access to a good WiFi connection and source of power for your device.

Find somewhere to sit where you feel comfortable and can preferably mount your screen so it remains stable during the session.

Online Therapy for Young Children

EMDR therapy can be an effective online therapy for children especially for single event traumas.

Younger children may need to be accompanied by their parents for part or all of the session.

For younger children, sometimes shorter sessions (e.g. 20-30 mins) will be more productive.  The remaining time can be used to review progress or prepare bespoke narratives for each child.

It is useful to prepare a folder for the child to put their therapy work in  for safe storage in between sessions.